Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sabine Is On The Move!

What amazing progress our Sweet Sabine has made in the past few weeks.  We were told by the developmental ladies that the best thing we could do for her floppyness was lots of floor time, all the time.  Boy were they right.  The girl gets up on her knees now and rocks forward and backward, forward and backward all - day - long.  She'll poop herself out and stretch out flat to rest, but back up on her knees she'll go.  She has even perfected the the Downward Facing Dog yoga pose, only instead of facing down, she'll hold her head up and look you in the eye.  Cesar spied her taking a little nudge forward with a knee today.  Amazing.  The girl is on the move, has left her sister in the dust.  She goes after toys, has a fascination with a floor fan and all electrical cords in sight... help! We need to do some serious baby proofing on this floor.  I don't remember Hugo getting into much, except for Cesar's computer bag.  Sabine is a curious one.  You can see the wheels just a turning, humming even.

Now about Miss Marlo, she needs more tummy time.  Since we realized that the girl could sit on her bum and stay upright, we've planted her on the floor surrounded by toys.  She doesn't fall over, which is great, but she doesn't move either.  She has perfected the art of sitting upon her bum.  The problem with this, is that she doesn't know how to get down onto her tummy or from her tummy up into a sitting position.  If she is sitting and a toy is just out of reach, she'll bend and reach just sooooo far and then right herself back into her safe, sitting position.  More tummy time for Miss Marlo is on the agenda.

I invited Hugo to walk down to the mailbox with me before dinner.  He'd been a little cold in the house earlier on in the day, so we had put socks on his feet.  So, when he met me outside with his flip flops on, I noticed he was also wearing his socks.  Interesting choice.  I told him I needed a picture of his feet.  He told me he wanted to dance.

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