Saturday, February 28, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday #13

Who can resist baby toes??

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Stripes, Bugs & An Idea - Oh My!

I finished knitting this stripy, colorful shrug for one of my nieces the other day. I haven't posted the finished piece till now because I'm a bit down about it. It is small through the shoulders. The pattern I used was for size 4-5 yrs but it doesn't seem right. Then again, I don't wear shrugs so I'm not exactly sure how it should fit. I tried it on Mr Hugo to get an idea of what it might look like on the girls and it fit him snug. He didn't like the feeling and would not wait for me to take a picture. Tore the thing right off. Yes, I did write "girls" before, meaning my sister and my sister-in-laws to all relax and know that their precious darlings are each on my knitting list for this project, even those in the Canadian regions! Back to the sizing drawing board for me. Ho hum.

At lunch time I found this bug posing on my kitchen counter. I showed him to Hugo and quicker than you can say bug, he smashed it. Yuck.

Later in the afternoon I heard this giant bumble bee humming about the dining room. Where did he come from? This time around I smartened up and coaxed the bee into a glass and then I called Hugo over to have peek. Soon after, we set him free out the front door and it took off in a flash. I wonder where in the world he flew off to this time of year?

I want to make a learning calendar for Hugo. I was inspired by the lesson we took part in at Parker's school this past Monday. Very slowly the project is coming together in my head and even slower onto paper. Hopefully soon I'll be brave enough to cut into the fabric and plastic sheeting I purchased. Photos to follow once completed. Promise!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Rec Center

We went to the Rec for play time today. Hugo was a champ and told me twice that he needed to go potty! This is getting exciting. For him and me! He is really getting it. I guess we were both ready this last go around. One thing I discovered today is that I haven't ever visited the bathroom in the Rec. Not once. So today, I was pretty surprised as we descended the stairs where I have seen so many children disappear with their mothers, to find our descent to the basement facilities incredibly dark and dingy. It was creepy. The area would work well in a horror film or a freaky Halloween maze. They could seriously charge admission. Hugo was not letting go of my hand.

Here are a few shots from the inside of the ancient Ladies Bath/Locker Room.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Splendid Afternoon

After Hugo's nap we dressed in our winter gear and headed out the door to do our afternoon jobs. First, we filled up the wheelbarrow with wood to last the night and on through tomorrow morning.

It was splendid outside today and I became a tad side tracked! The sun was shining and the temp was in the upper 40's. We poked about the garden looking, hoping for signs of spring. All was quiet on the bulb front.

We did discover that a certain tall, muscular type family member has been dumping buckets of ash from the wood stove about my garden paths. He shall remain nameless BUT, he knows who he is and has been notified of being on my list. You don't want to make the list.

I remembered having two pieces of my neighbors mail resting on the kitchen counter. We decided to make a special delivery Hugo and I. As we rounded the side of the house, this is what we discovered:

He was sound asleep in his car seat looking so impossibly irresistible that I had to move in for a closer gander. Hugo did his best to whisper and held his pointer finger in front of his puckered lips as he said, "Shhhhhh!" while I happily snapped shots of sleeping Carter.

Then this happened. Oooops! His Momma assured me that he never sleeps long after the car has parked. Hmmm... I think she might have been trying to help me feel better about waking her sleeping baby. He is darling! I can't wait to play with him tomorrow!

We soon were off once more down the drive to the mailbox.

Then this happened. Hugo had run back towards me crashing through the mud puddles as fast as his legs could almost carry him. The above is my almost capture of the mud puddle crash. Hugo was soaked. Soaked I tell you! Coat, pants and socks were all completely covered in oozy, gooey, gravel strewn mud. He was not happy. Indoors we went to strip and warm up his skinny legs next to the fire.

Tomorrow is another day.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Hugo clung to me all morning. He wasn't sick. Only super duper clingy. He would simply launch himself in my direction... and cling. He'd jump on me and cling. Hug my legs so that I couldn't walk and nearly topple me over, and cling. Didn't matter if I turned right or left or were upstairs or down, he followed. And he clung. He did cling with a smile. Actually, he thought it was a blast. I on the other hand, was feeling the need for some s-p-a-c-e, space. A little comfortable distance has its place and time between family members. Even with those of the cutest kind.

So I telephoned up a friend searching out some relief. Turns out that the clinging bug was in the air. She could barely hold the phone to her ear due to all the clinging happening on her end of the line. We decided to consolidate houses and tackle the three cling-ons together. We were brave. What were we thinking?!

Round one to tame our cling-ons involved costumes. A green frog, a princess, and an Asian reindeer.

Round two involved food. Mini quiches, apple slices, tangerines, fancy chips and milk.

The children weren't slowed but a bit in their combined clinging behavior. Not but a bit.

Round three involved jumping to their hearts content on the girls beds.

Still clingy.

Round four involved the three cling-ons lining up for a potty break. So far so good with Mr Hugo! Yipee!!

Round five moved us into the master bedroom for more mattress jumping, airplane rides, plastic food tossing, curtain twirling, heads a crashing fun. Oh, and hugs galore.

We also experienced some mighty fine mug shots!

Round six was the winner. Round six found us all curled up on the couch watching Toy Story 2 while eating beanut butter sandwiches snuggled up under a soft pink blanket.

And then it was nap time.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Parker Turns 4!

Our friend Parker turned 4 this past Saturday but today was the day in which his mother was scheduled to bring cupcakes for his class birthday party. Much to Hugo's delight, we were invited to the school party. But Hugo's delight wasn't so much about Parker's birthday party or the cute clown topped cupcakes we were soon to devour. His delight and excitement was all about the opportunity to visit Parker's school. Hugo wants to go to school so bad. I'm not sure what he thinks goes on there. I'm curious to know just what it is, that he has trumped up in his mind as to what school could possibly be about. What he does know, is that Parker goes to school, so that is what our Hugo wants to do. He also wants to ride the bus.

Parker Knight turns 4!

We arrived during Parker's gym time. He was very sweet with Hugo showing him the ropes of the room. It took awhile for Hugo to warm up and leave my side. Here his dream was coming true and he didn't know what to do with himself. Silly boy.

Parker led Hugo by the hand over to one of the basketball hoops. So sweet.

Parker wasn't sure that Hugo knew what to do once they reached the hoop. He stole the mini basketball and went in for a dunk.

"High scores!" Hugo likes to shout!

Music was turned on and all the boys began tumbling routines. Hugo froze up and made a bee line to my lap.

He watched in wonder.

Parker and his schoolmates began to break dance and I thought that this was it! Hugo would be in Yo Gabba Gabba heaven with the break dancing boys! But... nope. He was frozen to my lap. Some of the boys were very impressive with their 4-6 yr old break dancing skillz.

Back to the hoops. High scores!

The kids soon lined up with partners, Parker led Hugo by the hand once more. Hugo had tried to escape first out the door and down the hall but the gym teacher caught about the middle. Hugo's eyes were wide, peeping about at this and that. My throat was tight at the sight of him walking into the classroom hand and hand with his pal Parker. So big. This school thing is just around the corner for us. Amazing.

After a discussion about the class calendar and what the children had done over the weekend we moved to this rainbow shaped table for snack time.

Snack time today translates to Birthday Party for Parker! We sang and he blew and blew to blow out his four flaming candles.

Parker gobbled up his special cupcake and asked for more. Luckily one from his family party over the weekend had been packed in his lunch sack. This second cupcake was gobbled up nearly as quickly as the first.

Happy Birthday Parker! Thank you for inviting us to your party at school today! We loved it!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Catch Up Post

This is Evie in the late afternoon sunshine.

These are Hugo's scrawny ankles in borrowed Spider Man socks after a failed potty training afternoon.

This is me knitting on a bus while riding down to the City.

This is the view out our hotel room window.