Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Splendid Afternoon

After Hugo's nap we dressed in our winter gear and headed out the door to do our afternoon jobs. First, we filled up the wheelbarrow with wood to last the night and on through tomorrow morning.

It was splendid outside today and I became a tad side tracked! The sun was shining and the temp was in the upper 40's. We poked about the garden looking, hoping for signs of spring. All was quiet on the bulb front.

We did discover that a certain tall, muscular type family member has been dumping buckets of ash from the wood stove about my garden paths. He shall remain nameless BUT, he knows who he is and has been notified of being on my list. You don't want to make the list.

I remembered having two pieces of my neighbors mail resting on the kitchen counter. We decided to make a special delivery Hugo and I. As we rounded the side of the house, this is what we discovered:

He was sound asleep in his car seat looking so impossibly irresistible that I had to move in for a closer gander. Hugo did his best to whisper and held his pointer finger in front of his puckered lips as he said, "Shhhhhh!" while I happily snapped shots of sleeping Carter.

Then this happened. Oooops! His Momma assured me that he never sleeps long after the car has parked. Hmmm... I think she might have been trying to help me feel better about waking her sleeping baby. He is darling! I can't wait to play with him tomorrow!

We soon were off once more down the drive to the mailbox.

Then this happened. Hugo had run back towards me crashing through the mud puddles as fast as his legs could almost carry him. The above is my almost capture of the mud puddle crash. Hugo was soaked. Soaked I tell you! Coat, pants and socks were all completely covered in oozy, gooey, gravel strewn mud. He was not happy. Indoors we went to strip and warm up his skinny legs next to the fire.

Tomorrow is another day.


lunaticg said...

What an adorable kid.
Thank you for sharing your story and see you around.

Shaka said...

carter is sooo cute!
and i bet hugo had a blast getting wet!

Shaka said...

sorry-i was half reading half listening to thing 1's millions of questions!

so, he hated it huh! i would have thought he would have loved it!

too bad!