Sunday, January 31, 2010

Photographer Cesar

Elder Yale is going home this coming Tuesday. He helped us to ready the house for the arrival of the girls whole bunch. Each time I saw him he always asked how he could help. Love him! I wanted to thank him for all his kindness towards us so I invited the Elders over and made a pot roast for dinner after church. Cesar was mad at me for doing too much. It was a lot. I was pretty tired by the time the evening was over. Dinner was super tasty though.

Cesar snapped up these shots of the girls and I after we finished up our pie. I wonder for how much longer I'll be able to hold the girls together like this in my arms. Sometimes they both need a little Momma Love at the same time. What is a Momma to do? Snuggle them both of course.

The above three photos look very, very similar. But they're not. One is clear, the others blurry. They all feature Hugo's wooden snake hanging from one of the china cabinet door pulls. One of his favorite spots. My real reason for including all three shots is because of Rodrigo. Did you spot him? He's there, just above Marlo's head, top right. Love him.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I have no time to blog. Enjoy.


Today marks 12 years of marriage for Cesar and I .

In 12 years we've:
Met on a film set.
Fell in love.
Eloped at New York City Hall.
Moved my belongings from Maryland to New York.
Stored my furniture in Rhode Island.
Shared an apartment on the Upper East Side
with a roommate for the first six months of our marriage.
Cesar was baptized.
We've owned a VW Rabbit, 2 VW Golfs
and a Transportation Yellow, dual fuel tank truck,
a Hyundai XG300, a Dodge pickup truck, a plow truck,
2 bubble, pull behind campers, a pop-up, slide in camper,
a car trailer, countless lawn mowers of the push behind and ride on varieties
and now... a Mini Van.
We bought a Chihuahua and named him Rodrigo.
We rescued a second Chihuahua and named her Annabelle,
but called her Bella or Smoocher.
Became addicted to Apple.
Bought the Strawberry 2nd Generation iMac, the Igloo iMac, a 22.5" screen desktop,
two iPods, received an iPod Shuffle from 30 Rock,
and 3 iPhones. Yes, 3.
Don't ask and no, Hugo doesn't have his own iPhone even tho he wishes he did.
Our Apple wish list includes the new iPad(s).
Bought a house in the Hudson Valley.
Retrieved my furniture from Rhode Island.
The house got a new roof.
Tore the inside of the house apart.
Lived in it.
We were sealed in the Boston Temple for Time and all Eternity.
Bought a Pit Bull and named him Wallace.
Moved back to the City, Chelsea residence.
Wallace moved to Rhode Island and... soon after passed away.
Drove up to the house on weekends over and over again.
Got pregnant, finally!
Delivered Hugo and moved back upstate.
Joined Local 52.
Installed 30 windows, new heating system and a beautiful kitchen.
Started a blog.
Got a kitten and named her Evie.
Wanted goats and chickens real bad, was told "Over my dead body!"
Got pregnant again.
Installed a kitchen pantry.
Our Bella Smoocher passed away.
The girls arrived safe and sound.
Our favorite tenant moved away to a home of her own.
Opened the staircase leading down to the first floor.
Installed 3 doors with arched windows leading out to the veranda.
Looking for a new contractor...
Still in love.
12 years.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tough Times

This is what has been going on in our house since Sunday afternoon. We may have to rethink our Sunday activities. I have been missing Church. I miss my calling. I miss seeing good friends. We were advised to avoid the market, malls and places of worship for the health of the girls until April. April. April is a long, long way away I've discovered. Well, Hugo's birthday is in April and he keeps telling me that his birthday is tomorrow. I suppose that by the time his birthday does arrive, I will feel like it appeared all tomorrow like! Note to self- I better start planning his party now or it might not happen.... Hugo has also been telling us that on his birthday he will turn 8. Where the #8 came from, I'm really not sure. We did attend all three hours of church the past two Sundays and both of the Sunday afternoons along with the following Monday found Miss Marlo in a rotten, rotten, clingy mood. I'm not sure if it's a coincidence that it began on a Sunday after church with her schedule being thrown off or what. She's sensitive ya know, our Little Misunderstood.

Cranky Baby

Marlo has been needy. Her misunderstoodness returned yesterday and is yet here today. I feel for her. I feel for her bunk mate of a sister named Sabine. Somehow or other, Sabine manages to sleep right through Marlo's crankiness and cries. Hugo alerts me each time she pipes up. Sometimes he'll tell me she needs more milk. Sometimes he tells me she is stinky. Once in a blue moon, I catch him with his hands clamped tight over his ears.

My niece Carly has the nickname of Cranky Carly, CC for short. Marlo seems to be possibly following in her footsteps. We were calling Marlo Cranky Crank but it feels as though we're copying the Price family nicknames. With Marlo's increased wakefulness Cranky Crank doesn't exactly fit our little urchin baby anymore anyway. She's more like our - Crabcake. You see, she's now crabby with a slice of sweetness peeking through the grumpiness!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Our Girls

I don't see my girls naked bums very often. Our house is old, large and drafty so the girls are dressed and wrapped like yummy burritos, with hats upon their heads, 24/7. Bath time happens quick as can be. One daughter is stripped and washed and wrapped in a towel, lotioned and dressed before girl #2 repeats the pattern. I don't see my girls naked bums, at the same time, very often. Lately, I've been curious. They're feeling a tad hefty and their feet seem to hang off the end of the Boppy during feeds.

Earlier this past week as I changed Marlo's diaper one morning I did a double take. Did I just see rolls on my babes thighs? Hugo had about a month's worth of that wonderful baby chubbyness, then it was gone. I marvel at my friends babes with their rolls and creases about the knees, ankles and wrists. Baby rolls make me smile. I love the baby rolls almost as much as the lovely infant scent. Nothing like it. My baby Marlo has baby rolls on her thighs.

This past Friday was the girls 2 month appointment with the doctor, a bit late... Anyhoo, I couldn't wait to find out how much the girls weighed. I know they're growing like good little weeds because they barely fit into their newborn sized clothes anymore, besides the fact that their feet dangle off the end of the Boppy during feeds. The 0-3 sizes are still a bit too big, we're somewhere in the middle for now, not for long!

Miss Marlo now weighs 9 lb. 2 oz.

Miss Sabine now weighs 8 lb. 10 oz.

Both girls measure 22 inches in length.

Our good, little girls are piglets, I tell you.
Our good little piglets
are growing like happy little weeds,
just as they should.

p.s. By the close of our photo shoot, little Miss Marlo had tinkled her pretty pink tutu. (heavy sigh) More laundry for me!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Anatomy Of Window Removal



Very exciting!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snowfall About The Yard


in our yard

I followed

Hugo tracks.

Evie the cat hunted right along with me.

Our boy wonder climbed up the hill only too...

belly flop upon his sled downward again and again.

Fearless boy. I love him so.

Nap time was approaching...

So I said, "Hey, let's go again!"

The End