Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snowfall About The Yard


in our yard

I followed

Hugo tracks.

Evie the cat hunted right along with me.

Our boy wonder climbed up the hill only too...

belly flop upon his sled downward again and again.

Fearless boy. I love him so.

Nap time was approaching...

So I said, "Hey, let's go again!"

The End


jackie said...

Hugo is so cute. I am glad he is doing so well with the girls. How is he doing in preschool?

K May said...

I love your house!!! I love seeing pictures of it, it's so pretty!

Roxi and Ephraim's Family said...

I love your house too! Awesome! My kids are looking at your blog right now and want to come see you guys! They are especially interested in the twins! I am too! It's a miracle! I took my Mom's advice when I had my second baby, Ali, and did nothing. My mom told me just do as little as possible. Try to enjoy your baby. I felt a little guilty, but it's true...especially with twins. You just have to let things slide and enjoy the creatures. I don't think you need a kick in the pants. You need a big humongous kiss!!! Amazing! I am still staring at these pictures in amazement! Especially the fact that you are nursing! Wow! Way to go Ali! I loved seeing pictures of Hugo sledding too! He does seem like a little man now compared to his petite tiny little adorable sisters! Love you Ali! Please let me know if I can do anything?

KristyKay said...

How did you get him back into the house?
I'm glad you found a good way to poop him out!

Millie Price said...

i wanna go sledding! any hot chocolate involved???