Sunday, January 31, 2010

Photographer Cesar

Elder Yale is going home this coming Tuesday. He helped us to ready the house for the arrival of the girls whole bunch. Each time I saw him he always asked how he could help. Love him! I wanted to thank him for all his kindness towards us so I invited the Elders over and made a pot roast for dinner after church. Cesar was mad at me for doing too much. It was a lot. I was pretty tired by the time the evening was over. Dinner was super tasty though.

Cesar snapped up these shots of the girls and I after we finished up our pie. I wonder for how much longer I'll be able to hold the girls together like this in my arms. Sometimes they both need a little Momma Love at the same time. What is a Momma to do? Snuggle them both of course.

The above three photos look very, very similar. But they're not. One is clear, the others blurry. They all feature Hugo's wooden snake hanging from one of the china cabinet door pulls. One of his favorite spots. My real reason for including all three shots is because of Rodrigo. Did you spot him? He's there, just above Marlo's head, top right. Love him.

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