Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tough Times

This is what has been going on in our house since Sunday afternoon. We may have to rethink our Sunday activities. I have been missing Church. I miss my calling. I miss seeing good friends. We were advised to avoid the market, malls and places of worship for the health of the girls until April. April. April is a long, long way away I've discovered. Well, Hugo's birthday is in April and he keeps telling me that his birthday is tomorrow. I suppose that by the time his birthday does arrive, I will feel like it appeared all tomorrow like! Note to self- I better start planning his party now or it might not happen.... Hugo has also been telling us that on his birthday he will turn 8. Where the #8 came from, I'm really not sure. We did attend all three hours of church the past two Sundays and both of the Sunday afternoons along with the following Monday found Miss Marlo in a rotten, rotten, clingy mood. I'm not sure if it's a coincidence that it began on a Sunday after church with her schedule being thrown off or what. She's sensitive ya know, our Little Misunderstood.

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KristyKay said...

That's my girl!