Saturday, January 23, 2010

Our Girls

I don't see my girls naked bums very often. Our house is old, large and drafty so the girls are dressed and wrapped like yummy burritos, with hats upon their heads, 24/7. Bath time happens quick as can be. One daughter is stripped and washed and wrapped in a towel, lotioned and dressed before girl #2 repeats the pattern. I don't see my girls naked bums, at the same time, very often. Lately, I've been curious. They're feeling a tad hefty and their feet seem to hang off the end of the Boppy during feeds.

Earlier this past week as I changed Marlo's diaper one morning I did a double take. Did I just see rolls on my babes thighs? Hugo had about a month's worth of that wonderful baby chubbyness, then it was gone. I marvel at my friends babes with their rolls and creases about the knees, ankles and wrists. Baby rolls make me smile. I love the baby rolls almost as much as the lovely infant scent. Nothing like it. My baby Marlo has baby rolls on her thighs.

This past Friday was the girls 2 month appointment with the doctor, a bit late... Anyhoo, I couldn't wait to find out how much the girls weighed. I know they're growing like good little weeds because they barely fit into their newborn sized clothes anymore, besides the fact that their feet dangle off the end of the Boppy during feeds. The 0-3 sizes are still a bit too big, we're somewhere in the middle for now, not for long!

Miss Marlo now weighs 9 lb. 2 oz.

Miss Sabine now weighs 8 lb. 10 oz.

Both girls measure 22 inches in length.

Our good, little girls are piglets, I tell you.
Our good little piglets
are growing like happy little weeds,
just as they should.

p.s. By the close of our photo shoot, little Miss Marlo had tinkled her pretty pink tutu. (heavy sigh) More laundry for me!


Lora said...

Oh my, I love these baby girls! Thanks for the sweetest photos ever!! And, I must know more about the darling tutu's. I think every baby girl in my life needs one.

KristyKay said...

But Marlo certainly has chunked out. She must enjoy her feeding time immensely.
Such a varied difference in their faces now.
One May and one Baptista!!!

Roxi and Ephraim's Family said...

Yes...there is a difference in their faces! Wow! What adorable pictures! I love the skirts too! I wish we could come see those little girls.

Murdoch said...

What beautiful little girls! I love baby rolls too.


Audra said...

Beautiful pictures, as always, Ali! I waited patiently for your blog while the girls where brand new. Now I am relishing in your blog explosions. lol It's like reading a never ending great book-love your story telling. Lots of love to you and yours. :)

Piques said...

What beauties my nieces are! They are turning out to look so different. I just love them silly!

Emily W said...

What gorgeous girls you have. Just found your blog so thought I would say Hi!