Thursday, December 31, 2009

Broken Record Here

A photo like this still shocks me. We've got three kids. Three! Amazing.

Happy New Year!
I have a feeling it's going to be an especially good one.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I love being a Mom. It's the best job on the planet, even on it's worst days. Ever. I love that I have three kids. One darling boy and two little girls. The schedule is crazy. Two babies at once is hard. Not all the time hard. Having two babies at once has proved to be especially hard when we have doctor appointments, dropping Hugo off at preschool, grocery shopping attending church or any other activity involving leaving the house with all the children mid winter. The dinner hour is by far the worst time of day, the witching hour. It's very hard on me when they cry at the same time. Sometimes I'm not sure if I'm coming or going.

Hugo has been amazingly patient with me. He's getting the short end of the stick in the attention department from me. He loves the girls, his sisters. Hugo is awesome about helping out with finding shooshas lost behind the girls ears while in their bouncy chairs and bringing burp cloths, TV clickers, Kleenex and my water glass to me as I sit frozen on the couch nursing. He cuddles with us in bed in the mornings. He is still full of kisses for me, especially butterfly ones. We've been talking a lot about his own baby days. Takes it all in stride our Hugo does.

These shots, with the girls arms linked, give me hope that our girls are going to be the best of friends throughout their lives. They are fraternal twins and do look so very different. I can see Hugo in both Marlo and Sabine, but more so in Marlo's face. Marlo's body seems to be much more stocky compared to Sabine. Hugo had a very lanky frame. Still does. My mother suggested measuring the girls all over and to take notes, I think it's a good idea. Now, I just need to remember to get out my measuring tape before bath time!

Hugo with Marlo

Hugo with Sabine

Marlo and Sabine

Momma and Marlo

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nighttime Musings

Papa and Sabine

On the way home from church this past Sunday, Cesar began to talk about how great it is that we have three kids. Before the girls were born he was already talking about the next baby. Let's just have these two arrive safe and sound was all I could utter as I glanced warily and sideways at him. Near the end I could barely breathe remember and here he was already planning our next pregnancy.

Cesar enjoys the fact that he is one up in the child department compared to his siblings and mine. Rafael is father to Charles and Sofia. Helena is mother to Ari and Gina. Compared to my siblings we are somewhere in the middle. Joshua is father to Cameron, Addi, Zack and Kade. Ephraim is father to Daphne, Harry, Owen and Daisy. Millie is mother to Lucas, Emry and Carly. Taylor is a new father to Adam. Elizabeth is mother to Keegan with a second bundle to arrive this June. We are somewhere in the middle.

Momma and Marlo

As I nurse our babes I have lots of time alone with my quiet self. Sometimes I nod off. Sometimes I play solitaire on my phone and get caught up on facebook happenings. Sometimes I make mental to-do lists which I may or may not remember in the morning. Lots of times I stare across the room at the giant tree I painted on the nursery wall with it's fabric leaves and smile and feel happy inside knowing the miracle which has come to pass for Cesar and I. Sometimes I look down at my babies as they nurse and marvel over their smallness and my great feelings of love for them. Then it happens. It sneaks up slowly within me, but it's there. I'm afraid to write the words... As I hold my little girl babies close to my breast I have a feeling that we are not through. That someone else is missing from our little brood. I do hope it's just a "someone" though.

Hugo, Momma and Marlo

Monday, December 28, 2009

Cabin Fever

It was very, very cold outside today, but I needed the sun upon my face. I am suffering from cabin fever big time. I left Cesar and Hugo wrestling on the living room floor and the girls asleep in their shared crib upstairs, while I pulled on my coat and boots to head outdoors. My exciting destination was the mailbox.

The short walk was wonderful for my spirits. I watched these birds for a long time. They were so chatty and didn't mind or notice my presence as they fed upon the ground. I don't know what type of bird they were, but found them to be beautiful. I entered the house happy and refreshed.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


This is what is happening here at our house. I'm not sure I'm ready for this. He can't play. I mean, he is no good at steering or accelerating or backing his race car up oh, and especially not good at backing up while needing to turn. Not at all. It's hard not to laugh my head off as I witness my 3 yr old crash into the wall over and over. And over again. In the end, the end is always the same, the gaming turns into meltdown city. As I said before, I'm not sure I'm ready for this. The question is... can I stop it? Nope.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Motley Crew

Sometimes it's easiest to hold the girls together at the same time. It's tricky, but doable. It's tricky scooping them up together, but we've found that it is doable. Sometimes, I even nurse them together. Now that is tricky and something to behold! I carry the girls up and down the stairs together in my arms in the morning and again in the evening lots. Going down the stairs is the scariest. I remember when the babes were yet in my tummy and I'd carry Hugo around on one hip. Now he'd have to hang on my back piggy back style as I carried the girls within my arms. I don't think this would be possible for me. Please don't mention this idea to Hugo. He doesn't need any more ideas than are already floating around inside his pretty, little noggin!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Morning Snuggle

I can not keep Hugo away from his sisters. He wants to love on them all - the - time! I have to remind him that the girls have jobs to do, just like he does, of sleeping and nursing and even, a very important job, of playing by themselves. He hasn't been listening so swell. Hugo wants to tickle them and kiss them and smooch on them and nibble at their ears while the girls are busy away at their jobs. For some reason, while I nurse his sisters, Hugo views this time as being perfect for smooches on the girls cheeks. I don't like it so much. Freaks me out some and distracts them. Enough already! I want to yell at him. This makes me feel bad. How lucky we are that our son loves his sisters so. No jealousy so far. I wonder how things will change once both girls are one the move, crawling as fast as they can towards his cars and superheros? It's only a matter of time...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009