Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Morning Snuggle

I can not keep Hugo away from his sisters. He wants to love on them all - the - time! I have to remind him that the girls have jobs to do, just like he does, of sleeping and nursing and even, a very important job, of playing by themselves. He hasn't been listening so swell. Hugo wants to tickle them and kiss them and smooch on them and nibble at their ears while the girls are busy away at their jobs. For some reason, while I nurse his sisters, Hugo views this time as being perfect for smooches on the girls cheeks. I don't like it so much. Freaks me out some and distracts them. Enough already! I want to yell at him. This makes me feel bad. How lucky we are that our son loves his sisters so. No jealousy so far. I wonder how things will change once both girls are one the move, crawling as fast as they can towards his cars and superheros? It's only a matter of time...

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