Wednesday, March 30, 2011


........I want to write about today. Where oh where are the words? I am finding it difficult to describe the day we experienced. I took these pictures late this afternoon specifically for this post.......Something positive. The pictures make the day look as if it were light and was anything but light and cheerful. It sucked. I really shouldn't write that word, it isn't very nice, plus I want my children to read this one day and I don't want them to use this nasty word, but.... today suuuuuuuuked. Are you ready? The day was chock full to the brim with diarrhea, blowouts like you wouldn't believe, eight sprouting eye teeth, tears, tears, and more tears, a migraine, and pleadings to the Lord of "why must my babes teethe simultaneously?" Why?

Hugo was a good listener today.
Marlo soothed her sister with found shooshas and back pats.
Sabine played with her block train and ate all her dinner.
I saw our oddly shaped, uneven ground, piece of property with brand new eyes. A massive clothes line, baby leashes, and spray paint have been added to the Home Depot list. It is going to be a long summer.

Monday, March 28, 2011


Today is my 3rd Blogoversary!  Yay!  Woo Hoo!  I am proud of myself for sticking to it.  For writing often and taking lots and lots of photos for tomorrow and the days to come which are long down the road.  I am happy that Hugo likes to contribute his thoughts and will happily retell his stories beside me, as I type as fast as I can, trying my best to keep up with his whirling, twirling thoughts.  I find a little happiness blooms in my heart each time my husband becomes a wee snarly because I haven't blogged.   And I love the friendships which have sprung from comments found here and those I've left here and there in the blogosphere.  I wish I would have discovered blogs years ago.  I wish I had paid better attention to this thing called the internet.  But I didn't, so here I am three years later with a modern journal filled with all that I love.  

Happy Blogoversary to Me! 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday #2

Church was awesome... as in crazy awesomeness.  Hugo + 2 Girls + 3 Hours of Church + a 1 Hour Meeting = Crazy.  We did survive.  We hope we didn't infect anyone with our passing sick germs. 

Around the time I was trying to motivate myself to produce instant dinner magic, I heard the girls playing in Hugo's room together.  They were laughing and thumping around and I got all sorts of curious and dragged Hugo with me up the stairs for a peek.  They were playing dress up with their flannel blankets again, they look like short shepherds to me.  Once we were discovered, Marlo began to lift her dress to show us her tummy.  She loves her round belly.  Then Hugo was off to scramble up onto his alien to jump over and over again onto the floor.  He loves his alien.  Sabine loves me.  Ha, ha, ha!  I'm sure she does love me, but... I can't think of one thing she really loves.  Wait a minute, Sabine loves to dump the contents of my kitchen cabinets.  Yup, that's Sabine's love.

We are all missing Cesar.  Marlo had decided that he is her new favorite parent.  She cried when he left out the door to chop wood.  She cried when he left out the door to make the dump run, which he did alone this week I might add, due to our son wishing to play games on his Leapster.  Marlo also cried as Papa left for work this morning.  She is a Papa's girl.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday #1 Without Papa

Church was interesting today due to the fact that Cesar was working and will be working the following four Sundays.  Thank goodness for helpers who love our girls.  Gloria Rutulante helps during sacrament most Sundays.  We sat with her in the last short pew, on the left side, in the back of the chapel when Hugo was a baby.  We broke her in good.  The girls happily go to her waiting arms and sit quite well for her, sometimes even better than they do for me.  During the final hymn, I break out the wipes for her to clean graham cracker smears from her blazer.  She is an awesome friend and helper to me.

Marlo would not stay in Nursery during second and third hours today.  I think both girls miss Papa being in there with them.  They haven't batted an eyelash over my leaving before, since he has always remained with them.  Technically, they aren't supposed to be in Nursery until they're 18 months old, but with my new calling in Primary, and their needing playmates, supervised Nursery visits they get!  Marlo was very cranky and clingy today so I took her out and kept her with me.  She was passed back and forth from myself to Ruth Ann, Lisa, Megan, Sage, Cheyenne, and Gloria once more.  Again, thank heavens for helpers!  So while Marlo cuddled with me, or a helper or two, Sabine stayed in Nursery.  She likes it.  She even sits in a little chair for their short lesson and activity.  I think she knows that snack time comes next!  It's amazing to see her seated so.

Where was Hugo today?  Right beside me, driving me bonkers!  He wants to answer every single question during Sharing Time, especially if he doesn't know the answers.  He vibrates in his chair, tickles the girls, tries to grab and shuffle the babies around, you name it, he's tried it.  The Bishop asked the children, "What happens when you turn eight?"  He called on Hugo who was about to explode in his seat from keeping his mouth shut.  Hugo said, "My Papa will toss me in the water and pull me out again!"  Baptism.  Three years seems like a long time to go, but I know now, that it will be here in a twinkling of an eye.