Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday #2

Church was awesome... as in crazy awesomeness.  Hugo + 2 Girls + 3 Hours of Church + a 1 Hour Meeting = Crazy.  We did survive.  We hope we didn't infect anyone with our passing sick germs. 

Around the time I was trying to motivate myself to produce instant dinner magic, I heard the girls playing in Hugo's room together.  They were laughing and thumping around and I got all sorts of curious and dragged Hugo with me up the stairs for a peek.  They were playing dress up with their flannel blankets again, they look like short shepherds to me.  Once we were discovered, Marlo began to lift her dress to show us her tummy.  She loves her round belly.  Then Hugo was off to scramble up onto his alien to jump over and over again onto the floor.  He loves his alien.  Sabine loves me.  Ha, ha, ha!  I'm sure she does love me, but... I can't think of one thing she really loves.  Wait a minute, Sabine loves to dump the contents of my kitchen cabinets.  Yup, that's Sabine's love.

We are all missing Cesar.  Marlo had decided that he is her new favorite parent.  She cried when he left out the door to chop wood.  She cried when he left out the door to make the dump run, which he did alone this week I might add, due to our son wishing to play games on his Leapster.  Marlo also cried as Papa left for work this morning.  She is a Papa's girl.

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