Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Night

Thing 3 and her family will be moving out west soon, so this Halloween will be our last spent pounding the candy pavement together.  Hugo could not wait to drive over to her house tonight.  He was beginning to drive me bananas, no batty, no crazy!  Hee, hee!

We borrowed a skunk costume from Ruth Ann for Miss Marlo,  Little Stinker was (lovingly) stitched across her tush.  Sabine ended up being a cow.  I say ended up, because my creativeness froze this year and I had nothing.  The lamb idea was cute, but I couldn't convince Cesar or Hugo to play along, plus I was worried about keeping the girls warm while strolling through the neighborhood.  So, 15 minutes before we were to begin trick-or-treating, Cesar raced us to Target in search of a costume for poor, neglected Sabine.  Target had nothing.  I ran through the mall to Old Navy while Cesar circled the outside of the building with the kids in the van.  Old Navy had nothing.  NOTHING!  I was ready to dress her in her jammies and call in a night, but not Cesar.  He drove us to a Halloween store located nearby where my choice was between a cow and a bare shouldered Sleeping Beauty.  So my baby girls were a skunk and a cow for their first Halloween.  Think they'll complain later on?

Hugo and Thing 3 held hands through much of their neighborhood trolling.  In the beginning, they had some trouble because of Hugo's hands being tucked into his warm monkey mitts.  Like all good friends, in the end, they made it work.

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lawn Mowing

Have I mentioned lately, how much Hugo loves his Papa?

The answer = Heaps & Heaps!

Hugo cannot wait to climb into bed with us the morning his Papa returns home.
Hugo wants a wrestle, a nibble, a tickle, and to follow his dear Papa everywhere he goes.
Even into the toilet.
Hugo is Papa obsessed. 

Friday, October 29, 2010

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Parade!

The Mother Goose kids had their Halloween Parade at school this morning!  We still haven't settled on a costume idea for Mr Hugo.  He has been saying that he wanted to be a bat ever since Aunt Millie sent us home with Luke's old costume, so today he was a bat, but he changed his mind about being a bat for the real Halloween.  I had the bright idea of having him look at costume ideas on the Martha Stewart website with me.  Ruth Ann lent us a skunk costume, which fits Marlo like a T by the way, but what to dress Sabine as?  Shaka suggested that she could be a flower and I liked that idea.  That could work.  Somewhere in the back of my mind though, I really would like us to have a family theme.  I want Cesar and I to dress up again.  So, I turned to Martha and then Hugo spied a knight costume and went ballistic.  A skunk, a flower, a knight and and and... I'm blank.

A few more clicks through Martha's costume ideas and there it was.  I spied three cute little kids dressed up as sheep!  They were soooo darling.  What if I were Little Bo Peep and the kids were my lost sheep and Cesar was say... my crook or maybe my ram... ?  Hmmmm...  Do you think he'll play along?

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