Thursday, October 14, 2010

Words From A Prophet

"My message to you today is to live the gospel.  Cultivate in your hearts a testimony and a love for God, your Eternal Father.  We sing, 'I am a Child of God.'  That isn't just a figment, a poetic figment - that is living truth.  There is something of divinity within each of us, my brothers & sisters, that needs cultivation, that needs to come to the surface, that needs to find expression."
President Gordon B Hinckley
Ensign January 1998
I haven't done much cleaning so far this week.  It's been more like running around putting out fires as fast as I can.  This quote is what has been rolling about my head as I drive here and there.  Putting my home in order is the beginning, the outward showing of what my desire is for my heart, my head, my family.  I need and want the whole package.

By being released from my calling with the birth of the twins, I've felt a quiet disconnect from our ward fall upon me.  I think it's mostly natural.  I had a lot of responsibility and suddenly... nothing.  "Nothing but the girls, our house, our family" - I can hear my husband reminding me.  Church itself has been difficult with the girls nursing throughout 2nd hour and not always settling well during Relief Society.  The girls are nearly a year old now, our schedule will be quite different when this nursing business ends.  I've missed visits from my visiting teachers.  I have missed visiting the women on my own list.  I need to be giving service to others. 

My testimony hasn't faltered, more like, it has grown stagnate.  I am desirous of it to begin to bloom.

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Maggie May said...

Awesome, Ali! I support you (even from afar) :)

love, MM

p.s. can you switch your song now...?

Millie Price said...

i love those still moments in time when we're able to catch perspective on our lives. it's a good time to reflect and evaluate...then get to work on said improvements!!