Monday, October 11, 2010

Flat Stanly

 Flat Stanly was sent to our house by my nephew Lucas for a visit.  We had fun taking him along on our errands today.  He hadn't been through the car before and wasn't so sure he liked it...

We stopped in the bakery department to get some apple cider donuts, Stan was pretty excited!  Hugo got in trouble for licking the pastry tongs clean with his tongue.  I was sealing up our filled bag when I heard a yuuuummmmm!  The bakery ladies laughed and said it happens all the time.  Oh joy.  I will only use the little sheets of paper to retrieve donuts from now on.

Stan hid out in our Smurf tree.  A perfect perch for him.

I got a little distracted as I put the groceries away.  Suddenly, I heard a loud yelp out of Stan before he hollered, "Help!  I'm under attack by the killer babies!"  I think he is more than ready to return to his 3rd grade class!
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