Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Parade!

The Mother Goose kids had their Halloween Parade at school this morning!  We still haven't settled on a costume idea for Mr Hugo.  He has been saying that he wanted to be a bat ever since Aunt Millie sent us home with Luke's old costume, so today he was a bat, but he changed his mind about being a bat for the real Halloween.  I had the bright idea of having him look at costume ideas on the Martha Stewart website with me.  Ruth Ann lent us a skunk costume, which fits Marlo like a T by the way, but what to dress Sabine as?  Shaka suggested that she could be a flower and I liked that idea.  That could work.  Somewhere in the back of my mind though, I really would like us to have a family theme.  I want Cesar and I to dress up again.  So, I turned to Martha and then Hugo spied a knight costume and went ballistic.  A skunk, a flower, a knight and and and... I'm blank.

A few more clicks through Martha's costume ideas and there it was.  I spied three cute little kids dressed up as sheep!  They were soooo darling.  What if I were Little Bo Peep and the kids were my lost sheep and Cesar was say... my crook or maybe my ram... ?  Hmmmm...  Do you think he'll play along?

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