Friday, October 22, 2010

This Time Last Year

As Halloween quickly approaches, I am reminded of how much my life has changed from one year ago.
October of 2009 found me:

Hugely pregnant, with the girls in my belly.
Hurrying to make the nursery ready for their early arrival.
Excited and frightened at the prospect of being a mother of twins. 
Stressed over the date when my mother should fly in.
Trying to banishing the thought of the looming c-section from my mind.
In awe with gratefulness over Hugo's excitement about being a big brother soon.
Surprised at Cesar's protectiveness of me.

I remember well sitting in a friends kitchen on Halloween night stuffing my face with treats as Hugo trick-or-treated with his friends through the neighborhood in the rain.  I chose to stay in doors, afraid I might slip upon wet leaves on the pavement.  I had brought my mother-in-law with us, she was "babysitting" me to make sure I didn't do anything crazy while Cesar finished up work on 30 Rock.  He had wanted me to stay that final week up at the Ronald McDonald house, in case the babies came before the scheduled section.  When I refused, Carolina arrived to help us out.

So, I remember clearly, sitting on a chair with a nice plate of food balancing on my belly as I ate, ate, and ate and talked, talked, and talked, and I laughed.  I was silly happy with my big belly, yummy food, good friends, a happy Hugo and the knowledge that I would finally see my girls in only three days time.  It seemed like a fuzzy, feel good movie had swallowed me up and I was playing the starring role.  It just didn't seem real.

October of 2010 has found me:

Carrying a girl on each hip in and out of preschool and all over the house.
Hurrying to clean before the tidal wave of three children hits.
Excited and frightened at the reality of being a mother of three.
Desiring my mother to fly in.
Grateful that no hospital visits occurred this past year.
In awe with gratefulness over Hugo's continued excitement and sweetness at being a big brother.
(Just this morning, Hugo was asking me "where is my brother?" Me: "Umm... ")
Still surprised by my husband.
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Shaka said...

wow! one year! it can't be true!