Thursday, October 7, 2010

Blogger Is Making Me Crazy

I haven't been blogging partly from being out of habit from our vacation and partly because Blogger is making me crazy!  I can't seem to upload the photos that I want or the way that I want and I am mad.  I am so mad that it's all messed up.  All was fine for awhile and now... I am thinking of moving my blog elsewhere.  I don't know.


Lora said...

Hello darling baby girls with the most precious little tic tac teeth ever...I've missed you! (And your momma too.)

jo said...

great article here, thx for sharing"

Alissa Nicolau said...

Thank you Lora! I've missed you too.

I am excited to hear all about your NYC plans... what's on the agenda? And great score on the rental location! Remind me in December and if you two are interested, I'll have Cesar get you on set of whatev he's working on.

Jennifer said...

Oh my! Your children are gorgeous, and I adore your header.

Happy Wednesday!