Sunday, October 17, 2010


We were driving to church this morning when Hugo piped up with a question from his seat in the way back:

Hugo - Momma do you remember that you were married in two places? 

Me - Yesssssss.  (I don't remember ever discussing eloping with Cesar in NYC and years later being sealed in the Boston Temple together with our Hugo.)

Hugo - It was hard for me to see you because I was way up high in the sky on a cloud with Jesus and Heavenly Father and the Holy Ghost.

Me - Umm...

Hugo - Momma, did I hug Jesus?

Me - Ah, sure.

Hugo - Did I kiss him?

Me - Yes, yes you did.

Just before we began to watch a family movie tonight:

Hugo - Momma do you remember when you prayed and you were in love?  Remember I was way up in the sky.  It was pretty hard to see you because I was so far away.  Then I was a shooting star and I flew really fast into your tummy!

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Millie Price said...

ohhh! such special thoughts from a little tyke!