Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Full House

We had an unexpected full house this past weekend with Cesar's parents and my girlfriend Rachel all deciding to spend time with us at once.  I love, love a full house.  There is a lot of work involved and there is a ton of craziness about, but this is truly my most favorite time spent in our house.

Our house is not a finished house.  We are missing walls, ceilings, and the floors are questionable at best.  The stairs creak terribly, the entrances make no sense, but at the end of the day, it is our home.

The house was originally built for a man with a large, Italian family.  Descendants of Mr. Mayone's drop by every so often to catch a glimpse of their ancestral home and have hopes of taking a peek inside to view our progress and express their wishes of taking a MAYONE stamped brick home with them.  One fellow walked halfway up the main staircase to the third floor once, paused and remarked in a disinterested voice that it was simply "a dormitory up there".

Unlike this visitor, I liked that thought.  A dormitory.  I have wanted to fill the rooms with family ever since.

 I believe the house breathes in deep and puffs wide her chest when the family and our friends descend upon her.  The windows brighten and the rooms seem taller.  She holds in her heat and encourages us all to fill our bellies.  We run and play and clean all day as she prepares our nights for warmth and sleep.

At dinner tonight,  Hugo prayed that his Papa would earn money for our house and pay for everything else.  Amen to that.  Hugo is right.  We are so blessed with the love we have for one another in our family.  We are blessed to have the gospel in our lives and for Cesar's job during these uncertain times.

 I love our house, no walls and all, but most important, is that our family is together forever.

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