Monday, March 30, 2009

Blogoversary Giveaway!

My Blogoversay has come and gone. I am late, late, late. I think the pressure was just way too much for me to handle! Now that my first year is complete I am all excited to have Blurb slurp the blog up into book form for me to read again and again. To celebrate my blogging happiness with me please leave a happy comment for me to read and your name will be submitted to win the orange, cashmere shawl I am knitting. Since I am late in posting, you have lucked out and have till this coming Sunday, April 5th, at midnight to enter. That's days and days from now!

So you comment and I'll knit. And I promise it will be pretty!

I'm so excited!

Good luck!

Photo Shoot Gone Wrong

Mr Sun played hide-and-seek with us all morning. I had thought we were doomed to another gloomy, cloudy day when the sun finally decided to show himself and make our kitchen glow.

Hugo was game for a photo shoot in his fave Buzz Lightyear jammies!

He jumped up on the stool and even made eye contact with me a few times.
Wonder of wonders.

We counted to ten on our fingers and yelled out #10 real loud!

Then it happened. Hugo was perhaps bored or distracted and... the finger entered the nose.

*All ye of weak stomachs Do Not continue scrolling down for further photos and wordage.
You'll not like what you find.

He thinks it is very funny.
This yucky nose picking business.

I swear I tried to stop him.

I promise that I tell him how gross it is.
How he might end up with a sick tummy.

All I get in response to my motherly concern is - laughter.

Friday, March 27, 2009


We have been one busy doctor visiting family this week. I had a check-up on Monday. Hugo had a booster shot on Tuesday. Cesar had his physical today, Friday. He also had an appointment to see a hand surgeon to remove what he thinks is a metal splinter from his right index finger this afternoon. The doc removed a wedge of flesh and he received 3 stitches. And Evie, Miss Evie, was dropped off bright and early Friday morning to be spayed. We then had to pick her up between 3 and 3:30 PM. Hugo napped till 2:44 PM. He hollered down to me, "I wake up Mom!", he tinkled, I chopped an apple for him and we hit the road, again, to pick up our Evie Cat. Hugo likes to tell me that she is his best friend. We musn't keep best friends waiting. Especially when they aren't feeling so hot. Hot. Yup, I guess she won't be feeling "hot" again! Ha, ha! It was a busy, busy day.

We rounded things out by walking to the park to enjoy the spring weather and blow off some Hugo energy.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Rec Center

Today was closing day for the Rec this season. A sure sign that spring is right around the corner. Most mom's I know wish the Rec would stay open for another month, I think a petition was even being passed around to beg for an extension. This is the season of unpredictable skies and rain and mud. Messy, messy, messy.

The kids all seemed to be in a funny sort of mood today.

Some took extra long naps.

Some refused to wear their pants.

Some just couldn't quite blend in and pouted instead.
This pouting is new. He slumps his shoulders, head hanging low and walks off dejectedly.
Sometimes he'll flop down on the floor with a long face and not move.
It makes me giggle! He he he!

These girls wanted to hold hands for their picture.

Then Miss 3 began showing off her head standing skills.

Every other little girl in the place was suddenly at my side.

My turn! My turn! They all hollered.

I had them bend over with their heads on the mat.
Then I held their feet up in the air with one hand.
With my other hand I snapped their photos.
I only snapped photos of the little girls I knew.
They all wanted their photos taken.

I told one little boy that I didn't know him
so his Momma probably wouldn't want me to take his picture.

He said: "My name is William Kennedy So and So, now you can take my picture!"

I spied these ducks on the side of the road while driving home.

I pulled over, jumped out of the car and crept up as close as they would allow me. I almost opened up my car doors with promises of animal crackers to lure them home. I thought they were so pretty.

Making dinner was extra nice this evening because my paper whites have begun to bloom.
They made me smile over and over.

The End

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Blogging Pause

I've struck a pause in my blogging. I haven't run out of ideas or happy moments just... simply have paused.

Life is zipping past. Hugo is almost 3. His birthday party is looming over my head. I've got a theme, goodies and games planned in broad strokes in my mind for his kiddie party. Where I get stuck and am stumbling about a bit is with the date of this party throwing event. You see, Hugo is sharing his birthday weekend with Easter this year. Trouble, trouble.

Life is zipping past. We've been in our beautiful kitchen for a year now. This has changed our lives by bringing our main living quarters downstairs. This second floor is far, far from being finished but it feels good to be here. To be enjoying the space and light.

Life is zipping past. My first blogging anniversary is in 3 days. Three days! Check back for a giveaway from me. Very exciting! A giveaway!

Life is zipping past. The garden and yard have been calling my name. They are desirous of their spring haircuts. It is time to rid the garden space of tall seed stalks and it's pine needle covering. Plus a certain someone was busy dumping ash in my garden over the winter. Did I mention this already? Did I mention he is on my list?

Life is zipping past. That certain someone who made my l-i-s-t you're in trouble mister list, has also made my good list. I've been a bad girl and not told him that I realized his good deed. My certain someone filled up my kindling bucket for me before he left for the week. I am grateful.

Life is zipping past. Hugo's feet keep growing and growing. So do his legs, torso, arms, hair and nails. He still doesn't like me to cut his nails. Sometimes we cut Rodrigo and Bella's nails first so he can watch and realize that everyone needs to have their nails cut. Sometimes I trim my nails for him. This morning I had Hugo stand against the kitchen cupboards so I could measure his height. He used to fit under the edge of the counter, not anymore. Note to self: I should take a photo of that tomorrow for the blog and compare the two counter posing photos.

Life is zipping past and I am trying my best to enjoy it and be happy with where I am in it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


On this day

I walked


and here

and drove past this

and later discovered this
(and laughed myself silly!)

and this
at a friends house.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Afternoon

I was a bit blue this afternoon. Out the kitchen windows I had been watching Cesar and Hugo play outside in the yard. I decided to join them and soak in some much needed sunshine.

Hugo took my hand and led me over to perch ourselves on the hill at our car spying spot.

He sat on my lap and I did what I do with my camera.

Bella arrived and began to rub against me and then rolled about in the grass on her back. I scooped her up wanting a picture of the three of us but Hugo is scared of her snarling little self. I like this shot because of the frame being too tight, cutting out all but my arm, a portion of Hugo and the top of Bella's head and ears yet you still get it that Hugo is nervous to be that close to Ms Bell.

Spying on the cars while making Hugo laugh did the trick for me. My blues were gone.

I love Sundays.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Shadow Shot #15

Please join in on our shadow hunting fun and visit Hey Harriet for many other shadow shooters.