Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sledding Party

The big storm missed us. We were prepared for 6 - 10" of snow but, only received a light dusting. It was enough to cover the bare ground, cancel school and inspire some friends to host a sledding party for the kids. There were sleds, snow boards and child size snow shovels. It was surprising to me how much enjoyment the kids got out of shoveling! Hugo chose a snowboard, plopped down on his belly and slid down the hill! This Momma is very proud of her little daredevil!

Hugo began to cry because I locked up the sandbox. Sorry, not today little one.

We played and played on all the outdoor toys. Scrambled up the climbing wall, used the slide, teeter totter and begged to jump on the trampoline. Hugo begged and begged to jump but I said no. I was just about frozen to the bone. Plus, my imagination conjured up images of his snow gear clad body being inflexible as he bounced and his little self tossed to the ground. Maybe he would have bounced better with all the padding and snow cover. Maybe he would have had tons of fun. Anyway, I was a big blue meanie and said no. All the kids cheeks were super rosy and their noses were running. I wanted to head indoors where there were promises of hot chocolate and cupcakes and heat! That's when I saw my son and his snow ball looking this way and that as the stinker inched toward me...

I told him he had better drop it and then he began running to better thow/smear the snow ball into my coat! Okay. That was fun but now we're going inside! Now!

The big kids were great about gathering up the sleds, boards and shovels. Inside the house were giant play structures in the basement, a pet turtle, cars galore, light savers, computer games, cartoons and party food! Hip, hip hooray for sledding parties!


Shaka said...

the kids had fun!!
i still think it's too bad that the storm missed us! i was hoping for loads of snow! oh well-now spring better be on it's way SOON!

i love the picture of T.
and by the way-my hip is sore!:)

cally said...

Your pictures are so great!

It was 76 degrees today. I love just looking at all your snow. Not that I'm complaining about 76 degrees. I just like snow.

I love your header, too! So great.