Monday, March 30, 2009

Blogoversary Giveaway!

My Blogoversay has come and gone. I am late, late, late. I think the pressure was just way too much for me to handle! Now that my first year is complete I am all excited to have Blurb slurp the blog up into book form for me to read again and again. To celebrate my blogging happiness with me please leave a happy comment for me to read and your name will be submitted to win the orange, cashmere shawl I am knitting. Since I am late in posting, you have lucked out and have till this coming Sunday, April 5th, at midnight to enter. That's days and days from now!

So you comment and I'll knit. And I promise it will be pretty!

I'm so excited!

Good luck!


KristyKay said...

Orange is such a Happy color! I have always thought so anyway. I really liked the idea of those orange panels that they hung all through Central park a few years back. It was an expensive affair and I did think they should have actually left them up for a much longer years.

Well, you dragged me into this blogging idea and actually..I do look forward so much each day looking everyone up! When there are no new posts I actually get a bit blue!!!

It has been wonderful to keep up with you and our precocious little Hugo..and all the rest of the kids. It was a very good year!

MAGGIE MAY said...

A happy post for Ali
on this happy Monday
full of happy moments

hey, enough of my stupid poem,
what about Grandma's bathroom plaque with the frog:

I'm so happy here I could just s*%t!

Ha! :)
Whooo hoooo
happy blogbday to Alissa Anne! :)

Your blog rocks. :)

Alissa said...

Yay for orange scarves! Spring is just around the corner and we're so excited. One of the trees behind our condo got its leaves yesterday!

Happy blogoversary! I always love your posts. You are awesome.

Roxi and Ephraim's Family said...

I know I can't even compete with your mama and sister for the amazing shawl, but for me to even have the chance to see one of your stunning creations gives me a thrill! I am sure angels flock to your home all day to find beauty on this earth. If creating is for divine beings then you are a Goddess! To say the least, I love the gorgeous orange shawl and it makes me happy!

Lora said...

hi to my friend who is living the life of my dreams on the east coast...i've been so totally out of commission these past few months. i've missed my blogging friends so much. i'm hoping that as the sun comes out i'll find my inspiration and be able to slow down a bit...and BLOG! how fun to check back in and see this orange creation in the works! i can't wait to see the final product!! your talents amaze me.

amy said...

I came back just in time! A blogoversary giveaway?!!! I must win!!! Especially if it has anything to do with the picture above. That color is so rich and lovely.

Hey Harriet said...

Happy bloggy birthday! Please count me in on this most awesome giveaway.

eliza said...

Congrats on hiting the year mark. Thanks to you and some other people I know having one I started one. I like the updates of the family. I miss seeing you all.