Sunday, March 8, 2009

Walk About

The weather has been calling our names...

"Oh Alissa and Hugo, Come out, come out and play!"

While Hugo has been jumping and hoping and looking for sticks I've been busy looking for green life.

This is part of our Elm which Cesar has just about polished off on the chopping block. He is talking about renting a splitter next weekend to finish off the trunk.

Hugo likes to climb on the stumps and look for bugs in the bark.
Did ya notice the big boy undies peeking out from between his pants and jacket?
He is doing so, so good in the potty department! Yipee! for the three of us!

Hugo also like to watch the cars whiz by down below.

Our tummies were beginning to rumble. It was time to head back indoors and check on our napping Papa and dinner in the oven.

The next thing I knew, something was whacking my behind. I popped the camera back there to see what it would capture. Look at that naughty hand with the big stick!

Love the camera strap in this one but I couldn't help passing up his smiling face.

Okay, the stick whacking took a bit to stop. Someone, not me, thought it was very funny.

Almost inside I froze when I noticed these! A sign, a real honest to goodness mother earth sign that spring is almost here. Hugo and I squatted down low and picked off pine needles and leaves so we could have a better look. I can't wait for them to bloom.

Now, how do I keep Mr Hugo from stomping on them?


Pagan Sphinx said...

I'm so glad you guys are finding some evidence of spring. We will have to wait several weeks here, though it was a gorgeous day today. A good start!

Your little guy is just too cute. I also liked his tub mohawk! Funny!

Chris said...

Terrific shots! What a cute little angel you've got.