Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Blogging Pause

I've struck a pause in my blogging. I haven't run out of ideas or happy moments just... simply have paused.

Life is zipping past. Hugo is almost 3. His birthday party is looming over my head. I've got a theme, goodies and games planned in broad strokes in my mind for his kiddie party. Where I get stuck and am stumbling about a bit is with the date of this party throwing event. You see, Hugo is sharing his birthday weekend with Easter this year. Trouble, trouble.

Life is zipping past. We've been in our beautiful kitchen for a year now. This has changed our lives by bringing our main living quarters downstairs. This second floor is far, far from being finished but it feels good to be here. To be enjoying the space and light.

Life is zipping past. My first blogging anniversary is in 3 days. Three days! Check back for a giveaway from me. Very exciting! A giveaway!

Life is zipping past. The garden and yard have been calling my name. They are desirous of their spring haircuts. It is time to rid the garden space of tall seed stalks and it's pine needle covering. Plus a certain someone was busy dumping ash in my garden over the winter. Did I mention this already? Did I mention he is on my list?

Life is zipping past. That certain someone who made my l-i-s-t you're in trouble mister list, has also made my good list. I've been a bad girl and not told him that I realized his good deed. My certain someone filled up my kindling bucket for me before he left for the week. I am grateful.

Life is zipping past. Hugo's feet keep growing and growing. So do his legs, torso, arms, hair and nails. He still doesn't like me to cut his nails. Sometimes we cut Rodrigo and Bella's nails first so he can watch and realize that everyone needs to have their nails cut. Sometimes I trim my nails for him. This morning I had Hugo stand against the kitchen cupboards so I could measure his height. He used to fit under the edge of the counter, not anymore. Note to self: I should take a photo of that tomorrow for the blog and compare the two counter posing photos.

Life is zipping past and I am trying my best to enjoy it and be happy with where I am in it.


Millie Price said...

glad you're back. can family win the give away????

The Hun said...

I've been miissing you here too! What do I have to do? Leave a comment every time I read the blog. That would not do at all. Some nights I'm just plain tired.

Alissa Nicolau said...

Millie you are too funny! Of course family can win my giveaway. Anyone can win so remember to check back for more details!

MAGGIE MAY said...

Ali, I'm glad you're baaaaaaack. I go into withdrawal without you holding up the other 'side' of this 7-sided family blogging act. Jeez. C'mon people, post somthin'! You all gots those CUTE kids up to all antics day and night and it's like nothin' for weeks and weeks!!
Anyway, Ali, I laughed hard at the nailcutting story. Darling. I love the Hugo and chihuahua stories. Makes me chuckle. So, yeah! You're back! :)

KristyKay said...

I can hardly believe that our little Hugo can be nearly 3 ALREADY!! I so well remember my visit when he arrived and all the special events we shared. I wish I could be there for his party. He'll have to settle for distant kisses.