Monday, March 2, 2009

Good Eats & My Boys

Hugo was my big helper this past weekend as we baked together. We made an apple pie for Papa. While measuring we got a little carried away with the cinnamon and well... there is still half a pie left in the plate. Normally, half the pie would have disappeared at breakfast. Translation - Cesar didn't like the extra cinnamon. We'll try again next weekend. Pie is his desert of choice. Sorry Cesar!

Master Hugo and I also made Aunt Roxi's Crescent Rolls. They are delicious! Sweet and soft and I've gained 5 lbs for sure because I can't stop from putting them in my mouth. Not so good. I thought about giving some away... That hasn't happened yet. I've thought about it but, um, nope. Next time I bake these yummy rolls, dinner guests will need to be involved, anyone want to come over? Like, tomorrow?!

After church yesterday, Hugo fell asleep in the car and was on his way to a monster of a nap. Once home, Cesar had carried him upstairs to his room. He later told me that Hugo was a total and complete goner. With Hugo's coat still on, Cesar had held up one coat sleeve at a time and shook our child free. He watched as Hugo's sleep limp body rolled out of his coat, turned on his side and snuggled into his blanket. Men.

Hours later we heard Hugo's feet hit the floor boards above us and wondered anew at how someone who weighs so little could possible sound like a heard of elephants while walking? Once Hugo's bedroom door had been thrown open he hollered, "Moooom, I wake uuupp!" I ran up the stairs to hurry him toward the bathroom. He had refused to use the potty before we left church so I was mentally prepared for a tinkle disaster. There he stood at the top of the steps waiting for me, blinking sleepily. He was dry! We ran into the bathroom and high 5ived each other! He earned stickers for his chart. Cesar was amazed that he had held it that long so, he produced a special prize for our Hugo. A new car! You know, a little new toy car. Poppa's can be real push overs in a very sweet sort of way!

Downstairs next to the fire we watched soccer, it was still Poppa's turn, and ate a snack of rolls spread with chocolate peanut butter from our Vovo with a strawberry yogurt on the side.

I asked Cesar if he would pose for me with Hugo. I love the end results.

The rest of our afternoon was full of wood chopping and stump jumping fun for the boys. I whipped up some dinner and set the table. We ate and Hugo declared it to be good. After dinner we held our very first Family Home Evening with Hugo. We did try this a few times when we were first married but it felt funny without kids. Tonight it felt right. Just what we needed.


Chris said...

That pie looks so good. You take very nice photos.. love the black and white.

Millie Price said...

what a sweet, sweet post ali! i love the black and whites of cesar and hugo!

Shaka said...

yummm pie!
way to go hugo! sounds like he's pretty well trained!

Audra said...

That apple pie and the rolls look amazing! I LOVE the black and whites of Cesar and Hugo, too. Hugo's big round eyes are precious.

MAGGIE MAY said...

the hands shot is my fav. beautiful and meaningful at the same time. I stole it. ;)