Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lollipops, Headstands and Miss 3

Lollipops are sure to calm the most savage of crying beasts, especially those of the very short, extra cute, blonde and blue eyed variety! His Momma walked out the door and no amount of singing, funny faces or tosses up into the air on my part helped. I resorted to the lollipops. Hugo was thrilled, Thing 3 wanted a red one and I at last, held a calm, tear free baby in my arms.

Thing 4 thought I was pretty great after all.
He was smiles, smiles the rest of the afternoon.

It wasn't long before I witnessed Thing 3's amazing head standing tricks.
Hugo had a new reason to be ever more enamored with little Miss 3.

Monkey see, Monkey do!

it's doubtful that I'll be receiving any babysitting awards
anytime soon
for allowing the kids
to do headstands
with lollipops
in their mouths
as I watched
happily snapped away!
Oh well.

Hugo was crazy for the kitchen set up. He chopped, stacked, dialed and baked.

What kind of afternoon would it have been, if a little hair pulling hadn't occurred?

Hi Poppa! What you doing in the truck?

A happy afternoon =
Miss 3,
pots and pans,
big boys arriving home off the school bus
and dinner with good friends.

The End


Shaka said...

so, thing 3 pulled hugo into her upside down world huh!? a small piece of me thought she would stay upright for you-but no!
thanks so much for the help that day. pass hugo to me when you need to -or just want a moment-that you never get!
by the way-thing 3 wants to name her next doll alissa.

MAGGIE MAY said...

darling post--one of my favs.

Anonymous said...

Cute & fun photos :)