Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mess, Mess, Everywhere A Mess

All I'm saying, is that it was a loooong day.  And, that's all I'm saying folks.  All that I am saying.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Blog Books

I've talked and talked about doing it, while I've dragged my feet for one reason or another instead of making it happen.  Well, I finally did it.  I turned the first year of my blog into a book, or really two books!  I take so many photos that I was having to select and delete posts to make our first year of blogging fit into a 400 page book.  So sad.  One night as I sat at the computer lamenting the task before me, Cesar walked up and suggested I spread the blogging year over two books.  Part A and Part B of our story was the solution I needed, and I am in love with how both books turned out!  Thank you Cesar!  Now onto slurping year two and three for more blog books for our shelves!

Nap time today is slow in happening.  The girls finished lunch and our normal nap routine followed.  They just didn't go to sleep.  I heard them laughing and singing away up in their room, so, up the stairs I climbed to tuck them in bed.  I have errands to finish this afternoon!  I need them to sleep!  Well,  surprise, surprise, surprise...  When I opened their bedroom door there was no Sabine in her crib.  There was no Sabine on the floor playing or in the bassinet where we keep all their stuffed animals and dolls and is a favorite cuddle spot for both girls.  No.  I found Sabine inside of Marlo's crib.  And she had delivered every last on of their Hello Kitties to Marlo's hot little hands before she climbed and dove into the crib herself.  So, picture it, both our girls sitting in Marlo's crib, giggling away to each other, with their arms loaded with Kitties.  It was really hard to not laugh or melt or dive in with them.  I was firm.  I had to be firm!  But you know what?  I'm downstairs typing this and the girls are upstairs giggling and singing again.  Where do you think they might be this time?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Garden Surprises

It just keeps raining.  We've had so much rain in the past three days, that school was canceled this morning.  I am nervous our trees will simply topple over. 

This pretty bird flew straight into one of our windows.  I heard the smacking sound and ran for the door knowing what I would find.  Sometimes the bird is simply stunned and I try to save it before Evie the Cat has a chance to pounce.  She was onto the scent, but I beat her to the bird only to find it a gonner.  I carried him inside to show Hugo and then placed him under the hydrangea.  Evie had to drag the poor thing out into the grass to be sure it was dead.  Our murderous cat.

Hugo and I decided that we have ignored the garden long enough and went out to investigate.  He found all sorts of tiny watermelons we've never seen before.  Along with tiny zucchini, cucumbers and giant green beans.  My gardening skills get a big ole F+ this year!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Bus

I just couldn't resist sharing these pics of Hugo exiting his school bus.  He is in transportation heaven.

We live on the village line so have the option of either driving Hugo into school ourselves or using the bus.  Cesar was all for me continuing to drive Hugo, just like I have the previous two years while he attended nursery school.  Parking in front of our elementary school is an unsafe nightmare waiting to happen before and after school which I've been dreading all summer long.  So, I have been in favor of the bus, but a little nervous of the influence of unsupervised big kids and a long bus ride.  Hugo was all for the bus.  Yesterday I made an executive decision and decided that I'd drive Hugo in the morning and he could enjoy a 5 minute bus ride home.  This allows for the girls to have a longer nap in their beds and smiles all around.   We're a happy family!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Hugo had his first day of Kindergarten today!  Woo hoo!  Big boy dance party right here, right now!!

Words from our little man Hugo:  I love school very much because it's great!  And that's why I love it.  My teachers name is Mrs. Monroe.  A raccoon left his footprints all over the classroom.  We followed the footprints and went right into our classroom and he left us cookies!  We sat at our desks and put away our new tools.  We played with Playdough.  I told my teacher that I had some at home.  A lot of the other kids said they had Playdough at home too.  Some of my friends from Mother Goose like Rowan, Emma, Josh, Mikayla, and Issac are in my class.

Mom:  What happened at the end of school today?

Hugo:  I put my raincoat on and I put my backpack on and we got in line.  We went out of school to the bus.  Lily was on the bus with me, I saw her house.  Kindergarteners have to ride in front, but not where the driver sits.  I got to sit by the window.  And I told the bus driver that I live on the right.  I loved to see Mom and she is great.  The bus was awesome!  It was so sweet!  I didn't like that the girlies had my stickers from the Doctor (in the van). 

Hugo doesn't have homework tonight, but I do!  School sent home a stack of papers to be read and signed and filled out again.  Amazing.  He didn't flinch or stall or nothing this morning.  He is ready.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Chainsaw Time

Our Labor Day weekend began with yard work.  Cesar chopped up the fallen tree and in the process decided to cut/hack/wack and chainsaw a path through the wild rose hedge to the neighbors.  It was a big job.  Hugo and his little pal Sevren have been running the long way around the yard to play with each other.  I'm a tad nervous that the girls have a new escape hatch out of the safety of our yard, but we'll see how it goes.  Next summer we are putting up a fence for sure, Miss Trouble and Troublette will be running major circles around me I'll bet.  Please pray for me.

While Cesar worked, the rest of us played, and we played for most of the day in our jammies!  But as the day progressed, and it was time for me to start dinner, the girls were all up in my hair being whiny and slap hitting each other (Marlo is Queen of Slap Hitting and Sabine is a Biter.  Lovely times, lovely times.)  Outside I went to plead with Cesar for back up.  He said he needed to finish his work cleaning up the tree mess.  I wanted to cry, I was burnt out.  And then my sweet husband offered that if I would let him finish his job, and give him time to shower, he'd take us all out to eat at Mrs Lucy's.  Done deal and it was yummy in my tummy and just the change of pace I needed.

Eating out with the girls is an experience.  Both girls need highchairs, of course.  But one of those highchairs must have a working buckle lock or we might as well just order take out and call the evening quitsville because Sabine is a Houdini wanna be and will be out of her highchair in mere seconds and off and running.  Tonight Hugo and Sabine were angels and Marlo was twisted.  In the end, she settled and all worked out.  I even finished my steak.