Friday, September 2, 2011

New Words

The girls vocabulary is slowly blossoming.  Some days I feel like I'm communicating with two brick walls and then... whamo!  Marlo will wave and say "Bye!" to me as she exits the room.  She also brought me a metal cookie tin, which I had filled with their Pet Shops, and held it up before me and said, "Hep.  Hep."  Translation = Help!  Finally!!  Now Sabine says it too.  Sabine usually follows in the word department.

I have begun brushing the girls teeth.  When Hugo was a toddler he/we struggled with brushing teeth until one day Cesar found a crazy Japanese video.  He showed it to Hugo sorta as a joke.  The video showed a Japanese mother brushing her child's teeth with the child's head in her lap.  It made an impression on young Hugo and during our bedtime routine that night Hugo insisted on putting his head in my lap so that I could brush his teeth.  I thought it was a bit strange at first, but it worked.  No more struggling!  Yaaaayyy!  Hugo actually liked having his teeth brushed this way and it gave us a good laugh most days.  Happily I can report that Hugo brushes his teeth all on his own and his sisters enjoy having their teeth brushed as their bodies are stretched across my knees.  Sabine must think it tickles because she giggles the entire teeth brushing time.


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