Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Bus

I just couldn't resist sharing these pics of Hugo exiting his school bus.  He is in transportation heaven.

We live on the village line so have the option of either driving Hugo into school ourselves or using the bus.  Cesar was all for me continuing to drive Hugo, just like I have the previous two years while he attended nursery school.  Parking in front of our elementary school is an unsafe nightmare waiting to happen before and after school which I've been dreading all summer long.  So, I have been in favor of the bus, but a little nervous of the influence of unsupervised big kids and a long bus ride.  Hugo was all for the bus.  Yesterday I made an executive decision and decided that I'd drive Hugo in the morning and he could enjoy a 5 minute bus ride home.  This allows for the girls to have a longer nap in their beds and smiles all around.   We're a happy family!

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