Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Hugo had his first day of Kindergarten today!  Woo hoo!  Big boy dance party right here, right now!!

Words from our little man Hugo:  I love school very much because it's great!  And that's why I love it.  My teachers name is Mrs. Monroe.  A raccoon left his footprints all over the classroom.  We followed the footprints and went right into our classroom and he left us cookies!  We sat at our desks and put away our new tools.  We played with Playdough.  I told my teacher that I had some at home.  A lot of the other kids said they had Playdough at home too.  Some of my friends from Mother Goose like Rowan, Emma, Josh, Mikayla, and Issac are in my class.

Mom:  What happened at the end of school today?

Hugo:  I put my raincoat on and I put my backpack on and we got in line.  We went out of school to the bus.  Lily was on the bus with me, I saw her house.  Kindergarteners have to ride in front, but not where the driver sits.  I got to sit by the window.  And I told the bus driver that I live on the right.  I loved to see Mom and she is great.  The bus was awesome!  It was so sweet!  I didn't like that the girlies had my stickers from the Doctor (in the van). 

Hugo doesn't have homework tonight, but I do!  School sent home a stack of papers to be read and signed and filled out again.  Amazing.  He didn't flinch or stall or nothing this morning.  He is ready.

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Millie Price said...

yay! i'm happy he's so excited.