Thursday, September 1, 2011

Treasures From Toddlers

Just thought I'd share some little ole snaps of little lovelies the girls have been leaving for me about the house.  Treasures from toddlers ya know.  Makes me mad and then I laugh and smile and then sometimes, I'm back to mad again and then I go grab the camera so I'll smile later on.  

The Cob of Corn.  Marlo went behind me and snatched this here freshly peeled raw cob of corn as I blindly shucked the rest at the kitchen counter for our dinner.  She chowed down and then brought it back to me with a smile on her face saying, "Thank you!"  Later that evening I discovered tiny piles of chewed and spit yellow bits about the living room.  Awesome.

Bed Strewn Papers.  I could've hung the two of them upside down from my closet pole by their wee little pinky toes for this one.  Still need to organize the papers, plenty more were on the floor, before Cesar reads this.  Not good.

Melt My Heart.  I don't know what it is about finding the kids toys in odd places that melts my heart so.  Yes, I am a giant softie.  But there is just something special about happening upon their toys placed here or there in our room that just gets me.  It's like a little offering.  It's their calling card to say they were here and that by leaving this token behind, they'll be back.  It gets me.

Hugo and Sabine.  This picture is the odd one in the bunch.  Nothing wrong or out of place.  I just liked it.  I was walking swiftly past Hugo's door, on my way to the stairs, when I noticed Sabine sitting on Hugo's bed with his pillow in front of her tummy.  She looked right at me and smiled.  I don't know what she had been doing up there, but I ran for the camera.  By the time I came back, Hugo had joined her wanting in on the photo op.


Millie Price said...

i really loved this post. i wish i could write like you, it is a gift you have! for me this post it just the right amount of cuteness...with a side of naughty!!

Alissa Nicolau said...

Thanks Millie. I've been so bad about blogging since Maggie's wedding. I just got thrown off the computer loop. Kinda weird. I miss it. And I miss You! I've been calling Audra, a little. Not so much. Don't want to kill her off! Life is different without you.