Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mommy School

Hugo and I have been holding Mommy School while the girls nap the past little while.  Surprisingly, he reminds me each day.  Today we sat out in the sunshine and he chose pages to cut from his Kumon book.  He is really looking forward to his new big school where Cheyenne, Jared, Kacey, and Rachel all attended.  I've realized Hugo doesn't know his address or my phone number.  Hugo does not know his birthday.  Hugo can skip and he can balance on one foot.  Hugo can write his first name, just not his last.  We have work to do.

After dinner we generally head upstairs for a quick bath before bedtime.  Hugo loves to bathe with his sisters.  Tonight I found myself wondering if a fourth could fit comfortably in the tub?  And Evie left me a present.

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