Monday, August 22, 2011

After Bedtime...

I put the kids down for the night pretty early.  Always have.  The girls have been bathed, pajamaed, shoo sha's inserted, blankies found, tossed into cribs and I'm backing out the door while blowing good night kisses at 7:01 PM, most evenings.  Hugo normally follows a similar routine, minus the inserting of a shoo sha and a crib, by 7:20ish.  It is very nice.  It keeps me sane.  But.  But sometimes I feel like a prisoner in my own home because I'm free, but not really.  Sometimes I walk about the yard all by myself.  Sometimes I clean up the kitchen.  Tonight, the dinner mess won.

As I cleared our plates from the dinner table, I spied four young deer out the dining room windows.  They were milling about on the lower drive and looked a bit lost and not sure who was in charge.  I ran for the staircase and hissed in my best whisper/holler for Hugo to quickly come downstairs.  I think he thought he was in trouble.  I had him pull on his boots and we scooted our rears outside to try our best to sneak up on them.  We could clearly see that two of the deer sported small antlers.  It wasn't long before we were spotted and they began to bolt in our direction.  The two pics here were the best I got with my phone while giggling with Hugo who clung beside me.  We both watched the empty space where we had just seen the last of their hind quarters disappear from for a few beats before we held hands and charged down the hill to follow them.  They were no where to be seen.  We knew it before we reached the bottom of the hill, and rounded the brick staircase, that we wouldn't see them again.  We just had to try.  It was a lot of fun!

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