Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Storm Damage

As I raced to dress the kids and move us out the door to deliver Ira the Squirrel to his new home yesterday morning, I never took a peep out the kitchen window.  Walking towards the van Hugo and I stopped dead in our tracks at the site of a downed tree stretching across the lawn and flitting into the drive.  Hugo thought we'd never make it passed the tree with the van.  I knew it wasn't that big of a deal, plus I could have always driven around the house if the tree had really obstructed our path, which it didn't.  We were going.  I needed to get Ira out of my shirt and onto the business of shopping for school supplies!

The kids loved, loved, loved playing in and around the fallen tree.  Hugo fell once while climbing.  Gave himself a good knock on the nose.  I threatened him to not climb on top of it again.  I think I sounded pretty mean and like I meant it, cause he didn't do it again.  Maybe it was the knock on the nose which kept him from his monkey climbing ways, I dunno.  The fallen tree turned into a kid paradise of fun for our children.  We are so blessed to have had no other damage.  A tree fell, but it did not strike one of us or our vehicles or our house.  We were blessed.

Check out Beanie Girl sporting her brother's shades upside down as she sleeps.  This girl takes her shoes off the minute I turn to exit the back of the van.  Every time.  Every trip.  Kinda makes me nuts.

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