Thursday, August 11, 2011

Blogging is King

I'm back.  Why so long away?  I have no good answer.  We've been back from Wisconsin for over a month now, I just haven't blogged.  Just haven't.

My mother did stay for an extra weeks visit after she helped me drive the children home.
It was super, super hot weather wise.
We had two solid weeks of swim classes for Master Hugo.
The girls have been busy bees, two - or should I say, four steps - ahead of me at all times!
We've missed Papa during this busy, busy work summer of his.  A lot.

I suppose I'll back date some posts to fill in the gap.  But know this, I am back


Lora said...

Glad you are back!! Missed you and those darling kids.

hi! my name is Lora. said...

by the way...LOVE that header photo!!

Alissa Nicolau said...

Thank you for the love Lora!

Cesar saw your comment and asked if I knew who you were... I told him you are my blogging friend from way over on the Pacific.

Millie Price said...

oooh, i'm really feelin' that last photo...lovely!

hi! my name is Lora. said...

That's funny because a friend of mine saw your little family photo on our fridge last week and asked, "who is the cute family with the darling twin girls?" and I said, "oh, that's blogging friend who lives in New York!" Yeah, I'd say we know each other. :)