Friday, August 26, 2011

Hugo's Swim Trunks

We just got home from the Big Deep and Hugo peeled these swim trunks off his body for the last time.  I've been thinking all summer how I need to blog about them.  I still blink in amazement at the tag which is labeled 12-18 Months.  Yes, my 5 year old has been wearing 12-18 month swim shorts!  Skinny Minny Hugo looks great in them.  He does own other, more appropriately sized swim trunks, but I find that both of us keep reaching for these Old Navy trunks.  They fit his non-existent waist just right and I like that they hit high up on the thigh like the Op shorts of my olden beach days gone by.  So why give them up?  Once they are wet he can no longer pull them up on his own.  Trips back from the bathroom show off his white hiney as he runs to me so that I may help hike them up! 

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Audra said...

This post cracks me up. I love how you "prove" it with the picture of the tag! :) John still wears a pair of 18-24 month swim trunks. Each year I think we should take 'em out o the drawer, but the darn things still fit.