Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Got Milk?

Before heading to the pool this morning, the kids and I stopped at Subway for sandwiches and drinks.  I don't know what it is about eating tuna fish made by someone other than myself, but I sure do find it tasty, so I got a 6" tuna while Hugo and the girls split a ham & cheese.  The idea of Subway stuck in my head as I began to pack our lunch cooler.  I had filled up the girls sippy cups with ice and water and reached for my trusty Ragu jar (I swear I am not suddenly pushing product placement here on the blog) to fill it also with ice and water to be chilly chill later on.  Think I sound a bit odd with my homemade thermos/water bottle?  Well, it works awesome!  I can stuff tons of ice in my Ragu wide mouthed glass jar, we aren't supposed to have glass containers at the pool, I live real dangerous.  As I reached for my Ragu jar I discovered it to have vanished.  I remembered putting it on the lower shelf of the lazy susan, underneath the breakfast cereal, but it wasn't there...  Cesar!  Cesar did it!  I didn't even have to call and bug him to find out.  I knew with every fiber of my being that my husband Cesar was the culprit, that he had thrown out my beloved jar thinking it to be trash.  It's glass!  It's reusable!  What was I going to drink my icy water from at the pool?  Subway it was.

Hugo's face is white not from drinking milk, but from downing a vanilla ice cream cone.  He asked if I knew why we had tongues.  When I replied no, he told me that, "We have tongues to clean our faces."

Sabine disappeared on me in the yard.  I noticed the front door had been left open and hoped she had drifted indoors.  Upon entering the foyer I called out her name, "Sabine, are you in here?"  Nothing.  Then I had a spark of motherly inspiration and called out, "Sabine, want a cookie?"  Instantly I heard, "No." followed by a scrambling sound and then running feet exiting from Hugo's room.  These days, the word no covers all the bases.

Since returning home from vacation I've been bitten by the must make bug and I've been knitting, knitting, and knitting.  I've missed it.

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