Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We have been invaded by the dandelions in full force. Cesar bought a nifty tool and has been working away on the grass surrounding the house first. He is in love with his new dandelion removing tool. Wants to point out its merits each weekend to me. I tried to make it work myself but I'm doing something wrong or am just not strong/coordinated enough.

Hugo announced we were playing hide-n-seek. Um, okay. I already know where you are... but, okay, I guess were playing anyhoo.

These are my new walking shoes. I saw a friend wearing them this past Saturday night and I asked where and who and would she mind terribly much if I copied. She filled me in with all the details and here they are on my feet.

Hugo pointed out a new owie for me to smooch all better.
"Right here Mom Mom!"

It is wonderful to be outdoors again.
Now, we just need the playdates to start up...