Thursday, September 8, 2011

Garden Surprises

It just keeps raining.  We've had so much rain in the past three days, that school was canceled this morning.  I am nervous our trees will simply topple over. 

This pretty bird flew straight into one of our windows.  I heard the smacking sound and ran for the door knowing what I would find.  Sometimes the bird is simply stunned and I try to save it before Evie the Cat has a chance to pounce.  She was onto the scent, but I beat her to the bird only to find it a gonner.  I carried him inside to show Hugo and then placed him under the hydrangea.  Evie had to drag the poor thing out into the grass to be sure it was dead.  Our murderous cat.

Hugo and I decided that we have ignored the garden long enough and went out to investigate.  He found all sorts of tiny watermelons we've never seen before.  Along with tiny zucchini, cucumbers and giant green beans.  My gardening skills get a big ole F+ this year!

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rubytubes said...

your photo taking skillz are getting so good!!! i hope you're still shooting in manual!!