Monday, September 12, 2011

Blog Books

I've talked and talked about doing it, while I've dragged my feet for one reason or another instead of making it happen.  Well, I finally did it.  I turned the first year of my blog into a book, or really two books!  I take so many photos that I was having to select and delete posts to make our first year of blogging fit into a 400 page book.  So sad.  One night as I sat at the computer lamenting the task before me, Cesar walked up and suggested I spread the blogging year over two books.  Part A and Part B of our story was the solution I needed, and I am in love with how both books turned out!  Thank you Cesar!  Now onto slurping year two and three for more blog books for our shelves!

Nap time today is slow in happening.  The girls finished lunch and our normal nap routine followed.  They just didn't go to sleep.  I heard them laughing and singing away up in their room, so, up the stairs I climbed to tuck them in bed.  I have errands to finish this afternoon!  I need them to sleep!  Well,  surprise, surprise, surprise...  When I opened their bedroom door there was no Sabine in her crib.  There was no Sabine on the floor playing or in the bassinet where we keep all their stuffed animals and dolls and is a favorite cuddle spot for both girls.  No.  I found Sabine inside of Marlo's crib.  And she had delivered every last on of their Hello Kitties to Marlo's hot little hands before she climbed and dove into the crib herself.  So, picture it, both our girls sitting in Marlo's crib, giggling away to each other, with their arms loaded with Kitties.  It was really hard to not laugh or melt or dive in with them.  I was firm.  I had to be firm!  But you know what?  I'm downstairs typing this and the girls are upstairs giggling and singing again.  Where do you think they might be this time?


drwindmill said...

These are so awesome. Your blog posts read like a book anyway. What a family treasure. Good girl for actually getting it done! (That's the hardest part) :)

Audra said...

That was me above. oops!

Maggie said...

This is an adorable post. And the blogging books are going to be wonderful for you to look at for many years. I'm glad you did it. I will be putting our wedding into books eventually too. Makes more sense than an album.