Monday, March 30, 2009

Photo Shoot Gone Wrong

Mr Sun played hide-and-seek with us all morning. I had thought we were doomed to another gloomy, cloudy day when the sun finally decided to show himself and make our kitchen glow.

Hugo was game for a photo shoot in his fave Buzz Lightyear jammies!

He jumped up on the stool and even made eye contact with me a few times.
Wonder of wonders.

We counted to ten on our fingers and yelled out #10 real loud!

Then it happened. Hugo was perhaps bored or distracted and... the finger entered the nose.

*All ye of weak stomachs Do Not continue scrolling down for further photos and wordage.
You'll not like what you find.

He thinks it is very funny.
This yucky nose picking business.

I swear I tried to stop him.

I promise that I tell him how gross it is.
How he might end up with a sick tummy.

All I get in response to my motherly concern is - laughter.


KristyKay said...

Hugo picking his nose and dainty spring paperwhites somehow do not belong in the same post dear...

MAGGIE MAY said...

I'm laughing! :)

Roxi and Ephraim's Family said...


Millie Price said...

you guys have been busy busy. what i'm really wondering is why you didn't tell us that he thinks boogers, "taste goooooood!"!!! Hee Hee