Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Letter to You

Hello, Hello!

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Sorry for not being here more on this here one year old blog of mine. You see, it is spring time and I am cleaning my house. My husband said, "Alissa.... " Enough said. I am busy cleaning my house. I am supposed to be busy knitting your shawl but am not. Oooops! I'll talk to you later!

Love, Alissa

P.S. - Don't forget to comment here to win my big blogoversary prize! Oh, the winner will be drawn randomly, out of a hat. Write what you like!


Lora said... the man and i had a talk about that, just last night. nothing makes you feel like a worse wife than having your husband say he has a higher standard of cleanliness and organization than you. hmmmm. i'm gonna kick it in to gear! though, knowing me, i'm sure it will be short-lived. wish we (you and i) could have a cleaning party!

Hey Harriet said...

Happy spring cleaning! As icky as housework is, it must be done :(

Roxi and Ephraim's Family said...

Ali, for every comment we leave do we get an extra entry into the shawl drawing? :) Just wondering?
Good luck with cleaning!

Alissa Nicolau said...

Very cute Roxi!