Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Bush and Three Trees

We have experienced glorious sunshine and warm weather return to the yard! Everything is budding and blooming. The grass is green and the forcythia is brightening up. I walk and drive about the village envying all the special blooming trees and bushes I see. There are two homes which I plan on mustering up the courage to ask the name of a certain bush and tree. They are beautiful. Especially the bush. I want one. It has adorable orange flowers in the spring and this past fall, I swear, it was in bloom again! It isn't blooming yet but, when it does, I'll be a knocking at the front door and hopefully photographing its beauty. Again, I want one. My husband tells me that I have too many wants but, he'll go along with this one want of mine. He likes the yard. He complains about all the work, the never, ever ending work in the yard. He likes our yard. The past few weekends he has been eyeing up our oaks and dogwood which we planted on his birthday last year. He's been worried that they aren't blooming. Finally, tonight he found evidence of life on all three trees. Woosh! He blew out a great sigh of relief over his love of these three skrawnny trees which we planted together as a family. This new planting season he is talking about purchasing a ten year old tree. He wants to see it take off in growth. So now you know, he wont mind my falling in love with want over a bush with adorable orange flowers.

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KristyKay said...

That little fellow is getting SO-o-o- big!