Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yellow and Greens

Yellow-ish is my hair. This morning I had my hair cut and highlighted. Well, it was more like color corrected. I've been bored a few too many nights and have highlighted and all over colored a few too many times. I was box color out of control. Hey, it was fun and I was all alone! The gal tried to match my actual color. I've been letting my roots grow and grow trying to decide what my next hair move would be. She did a good job but, it seems a bit too dark and a little dirty looking. I feel like I've been rolling around in our dusty driveway each time I pass a mirror.

Green is our grass outside. Full is what we hope develops and grows. Green is what is here to stay.

Yellow is vibrant and sunny and cheerful and lovely and much sought after in our home environment.

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