Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hugo and Ole Hit the City

We drove into the City today to visit with my friend Chin Li and her daughter Emily.

Hugo wore Ole on his back and filled him with his new Leapster, two games, a lift the flap book and two Cars cars.

He was curious about everything, just like a little monkey which we enjoy reading about.

This is the only photo I took of Chin Li and Emily. I can't believe it. The day turned out to be cooler than we had planned for. Soon after a late lunch at our favorite spot for chicken broccoli and scallion pancakes, Chin Li began to not feel well and was very sleepy. Emily and Hugo wanted to go, go, go. Chin Li and I were barely hanging on, wore out down to our toes! Our afternoon was cut short by the rain and a desperate need for nap time.

Still curious.

We did enjoy seeing all the flowers and spring plantings.

Emily was silly and kept telling Hugo to call Chin Li Susie. He tried his best which made us all laugh and made him wonder at our happiness.

He saw a firetruck racing down the avenue full speed ahead!

Hugo adored the subway. Once down in the hole, he quickly spied the tracks and said excitedly - train tracks! As the subway approached we drew near on the platform and waited for the doors to open. Hugo had no hesitation. He hopped right in and grabbed onto the pole with both hands. Did not, would not hold onto one of my hands. I was afraid of that first beginning jolt of the train, that it would send him flying into fellow passengers near and far so I secretly held onto his Ole. My mothering attention was not needed, Hugo is a natural strap hanger. Possibly all those months in my belly as an early New Yorker prepared him for this subway riding moment. A natural I tell you. He even attracted attention from other riders and was quick with his reply's. He told all who would listen that it was his train. He made the old men laugh and laugh and beg his pardon of trespassing on his train. A man asked Hugo where he had gotten his hat and he piped up, "From Momma." The train rides were our very favorite part of our wonderful day.


Alissa said...

This looks like so much fun! We went down to the city after church on Sunday to see some old friends and our little monkey had his very first subway ride. He was not a fan. Anyway, I'm glad you and Hugo had a fun trip.

lainakay said...

What a fun excursion! I'd love to take a trip into the city with one of my munchkins at a time. Gotta plan that one of these days!

Maggie May said...

Hugo looks adorable with the backpack, Ole! And I'm the MM, I had to update my profile again.

Chris said...

How cute! Great pictures! :)