Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tiny Flowers

Happiness is in the air. Spring is here and our wood pile has dwindled to nothingness. Reflecting over this past winter it seems to be a friend who has moved away. I remember at its beginning, how I wondered over in what ways my blog photos would change. Since my new love of photographing in natural light had been discovered through this blog, I was scared. Would I run out of subject possibility during these dark months? I worried a dry gulch was headed my way. Happily, that turned out not to be the case. Life changes and continues and this time, I rolled with it.

These pictures were taken today in this neat little nook which Cesar has carved out from the wild with his ancient lawn tractor. I love it down there. It is my favorite spot in our yard. What happiness it was to discover all these tiny flowers covering the ground today! I plopped down amongst the grass and flowers to indulge myself in the sunshine. Hugo ran about. Far from me and close, the pattern was repeated over and over. He soon was intrigued by what I was looking at. Plopped down in the grass beside me, we looked these tiny flowers over together. Time passed and a giant cloud covered up our sunshine bringing with it a stiff wind. We ran for the house and food to fill our tummies!

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MM said...

That's right--you gotta roll with it. I like that.

GREAT pics of Hugo in the field/yard. It feels so peaceful--wish I could be there too. With NO books, just Hugo and hangin' out. :)