Friday, March 4, 2011

Sick Kiddos

The kids and I are all sick.  Boo hoo hoo for us!  I think I have yucky sinus issues and I'm thinking the kids do also.  We're talking noses which run like open faucets and for the girls, goopy eyes with crusty lashes and bedhead hair stuck to cheeks, eyelids, and foreheads with globs of dried and smeared snot.  Trouble is, the girls can't take any medicine to help dry out their noses and ease their scratchy throats, they're beginning to bark like baby seals.  Their moods swing back and forth by the half hour between happy selves and clingy, grumpy monster babies.  This is a hard time being a Momma to twins.  I cried on the couch for a good 20 minutes this afternoon while Marlo and Sabine each through fits because they didn't want to share me.  It just plain sucked. 

Last night Marlo woke up at 1:30am crying.  I sleep shuffled into the room to cover her up and insert a shoosh into her mouth.  This would have been the normal routine, but something was different, her breathing was labored and scratchy sounding and sorta all over the place.  I held her and tried to sooth her to no avail, I said a little prayer.  I was fully awake now and growing a little scared.  Did I need to take her to the hospital?  Cesar was out of town, should I call him?  Who would I call to stay with Sabine and Hugo if I left with Marlo?  Then the thought of hot, moist air came into my mind and I brought her into the bathroom for a little steam with me.  I was surprised how welcoming the steam was to my own lungs and throat.  We sat and sat together upon the covered toilet seat.  She cuddled into me and only opened her eyes to peep up at me every so often as she sucked upon her shoosha. 

The night before, I went into the girls room to cover them up one last time before I climbed between my own sheets.  I went first to Marlo's crib to settle her.  I am always filled with a beautiful, peaceful feeling as I gaze down at her chubby, little figure.  I want so to scoop her up and kiss her, but I refrain.  Then, a noise.  It came from Sabine's crib.  As I turned my love filled eyes away from Miss Marlo I spied Sabine rising to a sitting up position in the middle of her crib, and then, she barfed and then blink, blink, blinked at me and then started to cry and paw at stinky her mouth.  Poor thing. 

Hugo has been fine until late this afternoon.  His voice is off and he's a wee bit sniffly.  What, o what, I wonder will happen tonight?  Hopefully a whole lot of Zzzzzzzzzzzs, from all 5 of us!
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Millie Price said...

ohh, so sorry that you all are sick. i hate being home alone with sick kids, makes you feel backed into a corner.