Friday, March 11, 2011


I took the kitchen trash out to the can while I made pumpkin soup and had my own french bread baking in the oven.  Good multi-tasking I thought until... I spied me some escapees of the short and wobbly kind!  I suppose that I didn't shut the door all the way due to the fact that my trip outdoors was going to be so short and also because it was a balmy 54 degrees out.  I should have known better though, the girls don't miss a beat as to my whereabouts.  Goodness, outside the sun was beaming down and it felt glorious and I stood there, next to the trash can, soaking it into my congested body.  Coming around the corner of the house I stopped short in my tracks as I spied our two girls standing side by side in the half open door way.  They looked so cute!  And strange.  We've spent so little time outdoors, the girls and I, that it doesn't seem natural to see them in this setting.  A few more weeks, some size 4 rubber boots, and I'll be singing a new outdoor tune!

Sabine & Marlo


Pagan Sphinx said...

Oh, no! Glad you caught them little girls! Remind me which one is which - the smiling one or the crying one? :-D

Alissa Nicolau said...

Hello Gina, Sabine is smiling while Marlo cries. As I type this, they are both snoozing in their cribs! Have a great weekend!

Ralph said...

Children are so inquisitive, they want to see and know more. Children can destroy all our fine multi-tasking plans instantly. They could never get away from you, moms are always very observant!