Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Tummy Game

Hugo has had a fascination with stuffing things into his shirt, and jammies, for a long, long time.  Slowly, he forgot about the tummy game, but recently, it has reappeared in our lives.

How to Play the Tummy Game instructions by Hugo
You have to put stuffed animals, you can't put hard animals in your shirt, if you do that it will hurt your tummy so you have to take it out.  And some animals you always have to put soft animals in your shirt because they're so soft, that's why you have to put them in your shirt.  When it's night, I put them in my sweaters and I like them better in my jammies.  You have to play sisters not brothers you pretend that you are an animal and you eat meat animals.  And you have to play that game and if you don't play that game then I'm not playing the tummy game for a hundred or four days!  You have to put the brown blanket first then the green blanket on top and when it's morning then the other blankets on top of the green blanket.

After preschool the girls generally fall asleep in their car seats as we drive home.  After I've carried them one by one up to their cribs, Hugo and I have lunch.  Lunch for Hugo is either a peanut butter with honey sandwich (Hugo asked me last night as I stoked the fire why Papa calls me Honey), or a ham and cheese sandwich.  Hugo would like to eat 3 - 4 peanut butter & honey sandwiches a day.  After lunch I like to crash on the couch while Hugo plays Lego Star Wars.  Once the girls are up, the TV is turned off and Hugo plays with his cowboys or wrestles with the girls or sneaks up to his room to play the tummy game.  I have grown to like the tummy game because in no time, I hear silence from up above.  Tip toeing up the stairs I push open his bedroom door to discover him with a tummy full of stuffed animals and crashed out cold on either his bed or the floor.  Lots of times, he has even covered himself up with his green blanket.  It is part of the game you know.

And every now and then, I play the tummy game too.  This makes Hugo super happy!

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